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Sujok Therapy; your health in your hands

Sujok Therapy; your health in your hands

By Dr. Payman Doosti

Tehran (ISNA) - Among strange methods of treatment, Sujok Therapy is very interesting so as the treatment for any disease related to any organs of the body can be found in one’s hands or feet.

In sujok therapy, the palm and foot represent all the active points in the body corresponding to all the organs or parts of the human body that provide a quick, effective and safe method of curative influence upon the body through its miniature representations.

In order to get practical information on sojuk, I talked with a sujok therapist doctor in the Wellness Resort of Pune, India the details of which are as follows:

Would you please introduce yourself?

I am DR. Kulsum H. Wahedkalam. I have been working as Physiotherapist and su-jok therapist for 10 years. I have done professional courses in Su-juk Therapy, Dry Needling, Auricular Therapy, Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Chiropractic, Taping, Fitness & nutrition, Hijama Therapy, Fire Cupping and Ice Cupping. Now, I am working in my own clinic in Gujarat Care Physiotherapy Clinic, Sujok Therapy & Fitness Centre.

How did you get interested in sujok therapy?

One day I went to my senior DR. kinaz clinic. She was doing acupressure on patients’ hand and feet. She told me she was giving treatment to the patients for back pain. When patients came to her, they were not able to walk without help. After treatment they walked nicely without support and reported 80% of relief. I was shocked at that time. She explained to me about this therapy. I decided to do the course anyhow for better result of my patients.

Explain in brief about su-jok therapy and how it works?

In the word Su-jok, ‘su’ means HAND and ‘jok’ means FEET. The treatment is given on hands and feet. Su-jok therapy is a healing method based on acupressure and is a simple method that produces highly effective results. Through su-jok, one can diagnose the problem easily by pressing the key points and applying pressure in the right direction. Su-jok is drugless therapy and easy to cure the diseases. We will treat all the disease only through pressure not through any pills or any other forms of drugs. Other important rules in our treatments are to apply 5 elements and 6 energies

What is the history and origin of sujok therapy in India and in the world? In which countries sujok is being practiced?

During early 1980’s, the eminent South Korean scholar and scientist prof. park jae woo, who had worked over many years to carry out the task of developing this precious contribution to medicine, introduced su-jok therapy. The su-jok treatment system which he developed is the result of comprehensive research on the correspondence systems of the human body as found on the hands & feet. Thus, su-jok therapy springs from the observation of the similarity of areas of the hands and feet to the human body as a whole. Numerous research and clinical tests in this field have been implemented by scientists at research institutions and by many physicians specializing in alternative medicine.

Prof. Park first visited India in 1993 then introduced sujok to India where this method was warmly welcome and professionally practiced. Su-jok is being practiced nearly in 55 countries such as Korea, Russia, India, U.S.A, Europe, Australia, South America & in far Eastern countries.

Are the rules of su- jok therapy and reflexology the same?

Concept and principles are the same in both methods based on oriental philosophy of yin – yang and 5 element principles. The circulation of treatment is done only in hands & feet in su-jok unlike the whole body in reflexology.

Is su-jok based on the rules of acupuncture?

No, it has its own philosophy. 

What are the basic principles in sujok therapy?

According to the principles of Oriental Energetic Concepts of medicine, diseases occurred in human body and mind are purely due to the imbalance of the forces acting on them. Sujok achieves cure by bringing balance and harmony of the forces in the body and mind.

What are the functions of sujok therapy and what diseases and disorders are curable by this method of treatments?

Su-jok harmonizes the energy dysfunctions of the body. Any disease can be cured by sujok based on symptoms and intensity:

•           Chronic pains and aches

•           Disorders of mind & brain

•           Reproduction & related problems

•           ENT problems

•           Internal Glands disorders

•           Multi-system (respiratory / cardiac / neurological and blood problems)

•           Cosmetic Conditions and Weight Loss

•           Paediatric diseases

In general, sujok therapy helps to heal certain physical problems such as a headache, migraine, vertigo, hypertension, bronchitis, gastric problems, acidity, constipation, back and spinal cord problems.

Is sujok just curative or can it be used for diagnosis and prevention too?

Sujok has all peculiarities of diagnostic, preventive and curative medicine.

What are the therapeutic methods in sujok?

•           Seeds therapy

•           Magnet therapy

•           Moxa Therapy

•           Direction massage therapy

•           Nail therapy

•           Twist therapy

•           Colour therapy. And many more

What are the materials used in sujok?

Micro-pore tapes, micro-needles, micro-magnets, bar magnets, chakra magnets, Mini-Moxa, rollers, ring massagers, seeds and many natural substances are some materials used in sujok thearpy.

Does sujok therapy have specialized branches?

Yes, many branches for example Basic, Energy flow therapy, Tri-origin theory, Eight origin theory, Twist therapy, Spiral energy system, Diamond energy system, Direction therapy, Tri-origin Feng Shui, Tri-origin acupuncture, Seed therapy and Nail therapy

How many sessions of treatment are needed to get a desirable result?

Usually 8-10 sitting of treatment is enough to cure most of the diseases

How does sujok help to heal physical, mental & emotional disorder?

By harmonize the affected energies and the organs with dysfunction

What are the benefits and advantages of sujok therapy in comparison to other methods of treatment?

This therapy is simple and easy to perform, even by the patients. No side effects also. The therapy is natural and cures only the natural forces in and around the body. It is also one of the safest therapies ever known.

In which cases or what situations is sujok not effective?

It is effective in all conditions but it depends on the expert level of the therapists’ knowledge and practice.

In what cases is sujok forbidden?

No forbidden in any cases. It works on energies.

What fields of medicine does sujok have the most relationship?

Naturopathy and Ayurveda. All work on 5-elements

Does sujok have a vocational or scientific association in India? How about a world association or organisation?

Yes, sujok has scientific association in India by name ISA (Indian Sujok Association) at Nagpur. It is active in 55 countries globally.

Does Indian health ministry legalize sujok therapy as an allowable and legitimate treatment?

Maharashtra Nursing Council has legalized it and few of states of India have extended legitimate support for sujok. At the central country level it is under process to be legalized.

What is the view point of WHO towards sujok therapy?

During Chernobyl disaster - a catastrophic nuclear accident in Russia - WHO found sujok therapists working on radioactive burned patients. They gave very miraculous results to the patients. This had a very positive influence on the attitude of WHO regarding sujok.

Is sujok an independent academic field or it is just practiced as a therapeutic method in some medical courses?

Sujok is an independent academic field. In Russia medical doctors have opportunity to choose sujok therapy at master’s level.

Where and how is it possible to learn sujok theraphy? Is there any requirement for the applicants? What courses and levels should be passed?

Indian Sujok Association has authorized several instructors and educational centres globally where one can learn sujok. Anyone can learn sujok therapy for further carrier and make it his / her own profession. Sujok has 22 levels of learning courses. Out of 22 courses, at least 4 basic levels are necessary to become a sujok therapist.

What is your recommendation for students interested in majoring in sujok therapy?

I strongly recommend it as an option for good career to cure patients naturally, with no side effects.

And the last comment?

If you have dreams to become a good therapist, start your career with sujok. I learnt sujok to give better service to the patient and bring smile on my patient’s face. My passion is to inform all the people living around “The importance of sujok therapy.

Thank you so much Doctor Wahedkalam. It was a very useful visit. I hope all your dreams come true and everybody can benefit from the safest natural remedies all over the world.

Dr. Payman Doosti, a physiotherapist and acupuncturist, is Managing Director of "Kermanshah Health" News Agency.

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