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Iran won’t have bilateral talks with US: Zarif

Iran won’t have bilateral talks with US: Zarif

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Minister of Foreign Affair, Mohammad Javad Zarif said he has announced that a meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani is unimaginable, unless Washington joins 1+5 and implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and even in that situation there won’t be any bilateral talks between Iran and US.

Speaking about recent remarks by French President, Emmanuel Macron on a possible meeting between Iran and US heads of states, Zarif told reporters before leaving Beijing to Tokyo, “US administration and Mr. Trump trampled agreements reached following long discussions between the two countries. What matters is that previous agreements should be implemented and we haven’t seen any considerable signal from US administration”.

Pointing to his talks with French officials in Paris and Biarritz, the Iranian top diplomat said, “We talked about how JCPOA can be preserved through implementing commitments by the deal’s signatories”.

“Iran has fulfilled all of its nuclear obligations within JCPOA during past years. Following US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal and a year and a half of inaction by the European sides, Tehran decided to act within article 36 of the deal. Currently, the discussions are about ways of returning to the previous situation and implementation of JCPOA commitments by Europe,” he added.

“Unfortunately, European sides need some permissions by US to take action,” he noted, “ It’s not a positive fact that sovereign countries need to have permission from others to take legitimate actions and it doesn’t show a good future for international relations”.

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