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Iran’s reaction to US’ medium-range missile test

Iran’s reaction to US’ medium-range missile test

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has expressed concern over the United States’ recent test of a medium-range missile, which came shortly after its withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia.

In a statement, Mousavi condemned the US’ insistence on unilateralism, withdrawal from international treaties, and undermining the international law, principles, and norms.

“The US’ move may lead to an arms race at the global level, which will not only exacerbate instability and threaten the international peace and security, but will also inflict heavy economic costs on other countries, the result of which will be a decrease in the level of the economic welfare of the people of the world,” he noted.

He also called on the international community and all countries to show an appropriate reaction to the US’ destabilizing measures and its withdrawal from international treaties, which is a step backwards in international relations.

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