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If US wants security in Persian Gulf, it should stop its destabilizing behavior: Zarif


Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif in a tweet warned Washington, saying, if US wants maritime security in the Persian Gulf, it should stop its destabilizing behavior.

“US' proliferation of arms in our region is menace to regional security. Last year Iran—with ~1M men under arms—spent $16B on its ENTIRE military. Saudi Arabia spent 5X that JUST on arms. Overflowing armories don’t win peace—or even war. Regional cooperation brings REAL security,” Zarif tweeted.

“Insecurity in the Persian Gulf is caused mainly by US intervention & its Economic Terrorism on Iranians. Adding foreign naval fleets in this narrow & crowded tinderbox only increases risk of combustion. If US wants maritime security, it should stop its destabilizing behavior,” Zarif wrote in another tweet.

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