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Omani FM not in Iran for mediation: Mousavi

Omani FM not in Iran for mediation: Mousavi

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif’s tour to America and Africa was “productive and successful” and reached expected goals.

At Monday's press conference, the spokesman told reporters that a number of Chinese and Russian officials are due to visit Iran in the near future and related details will be announced subsequently.

Pointing to the extraordinary meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which was held on Sunday in Vienna, Mousavi said, “The meeting was productive and beneficial but resulted in no particular agreement”.

The official also denied claims that Omani Foreign Minister Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah traveled to Iran to mediate between Tehran and London.

The spokesman announced that Zarif will hold a press conference for the first time in Iran next Monday, with domestic and foreign reporters in attendance.

Iran is waiting for practical and tangible actions by Europe towards fulfilling their commitments within JCPOA, the diplomat said, “Iran will certainly implement its third phase of reducing JCPOA commitments more strongly, if Europe maintains the current attitude”.

Answering a question about formation of a military coalition in the Persian Gulf and the countries that has expressed reediness to joint such a coalition he said, “We recommend trans-regional states not to join such coalitions as they are based on uncertainties and illusions”.

“Regional countries know how to preserve the regional security and Iran feels responsible for the security of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz,” he added.

The seizure of Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar by UK was an “unlawful action and a bad political decision and we hope they release the oil tanker as soon as possible,” Mousavi said.

Iran considers the seizure a violation of JCPOA, he insisted.

Speaking about the latest situation of Iranian abducted border guards in Mirjaveh and their transmission to Pakistan by terrorists, the spokesman said, “Most of the abducted forces have been released and only two or three of them are still under terrorist’s arrest”.

According to the diplomat, Iran’s Foreign Ministry is continuing its attempts for their release and the Pakistani government is helping the process.

Answering a question about Saudi mission to United Nations remarks on the importance of dialogue between Riyadh and Tehran, he said, “We consider the comments as a positive signal. Iran has repeatedly urged for solving regional problems through regional talks and declared its readiness to hold talks without any precondition”.

“We openly welcome any attempt for more rapprochements between regional and Islamic states because we believe these countries have common interests and mutual enemies,” he added, “Iran’s answer to any positive signal is even more positive”.

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