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Meet the first Iranian doctor programmer

Meet the first Iranian doctor programmer

Tehran (ISNA) - Bijan Zamani is a computer programmer from Iran who became a medical doctor and it makes him a great object-oriented software designer who founded many startups in Iran.

Coming from a family of doctors he felt the need of connecting people to medicine using technology. After building his famous medical startup MihanPezeshk in 2011, he found out even though he has information about the medical industry in Iran but does anyone have medical knowledge when it comes to programming medical software? That’s why Bijan Zamani went to different hospitals and clinics to get more information about the issue. It turned out that no one has this specialty. As an example if a hospital want to develop a program to use as diagnosis of medical tests they need to hire a programmer and get him to discuss every single details with a doctor to make it right and since it takes a lot of time it is not perfect at all. But what if a programmer has the knowledge of a doctor? The possibilities of making accurate ground-breaking programs, websites, apps and all tech related projects motivated Zamani to start new works.

Bijan Zamani was born in Iran on April 1989. Continued his studies in London, UK after finishing school and went to London South Bank University to study computer engineering. Later he decided to become a doctor as well, which with his hard work he got into Medical School and studied Medicine in 2014. Zamani has the title of “The First Iranian Doctor Programmer”.

Zamani was already a successful entrepreneur when he decided to become a physician. He was named among the top 20 under 20 entrepreneurs in 2007 and won an award in Iran Web Festival in 2008 and was a candidate in the same festival in 2011 for his startups but apparently it wasn’t enough and he wanted to do something remarkable.

According to his interviews Zamani believes computers and robots are the future of medicine, although this might not happen anytime soon. In 2018 Zamani started researching and making plans to launch his new project about orthopedic robotic surgery which is a computer-assisted surgery that is intended to improve the quality of the surgical procedure.

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