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Iran to force world to speak only with respect: Zarif

Iran to force world to speak only with respect: Zarif

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Javad Zarif insisted Iran will force the world to speak with Iranians only with respect and if necessary, Iran will confront them.

Zarif said US pressure on Iran “doesn’t prove Washington’s power or Tehran’s weakness” and it reflects US’ continuous regional and international defeats to Iran.

“US is getting more isolated every day,” the top diplomat said.

Speaking of the Instrument for Supporting Trade Exchanges which is a financial channel between Iran and Europe, Zarif said, “Although INSTEX is not an answer to our demands and Europe’s commitments, it is strategically valuable and it indicates that US’ closest allies have begun taking distance from it. Washington has now defeated in many areas, so it is now considering economic options”.

“Iran has shown that it acts respectfully towards respect and resists against pressure,” he said.

“As we have shown in political, international and field areas, Iran is an important actor in international level and we won’t let any side to talk with Iranian nation except with a respectful language. We can also react properly to those who didn’t know the nation economically and only authority can confront them, if necessary, as we won’t give in to pressure and let anybody threaten an Iranian”.

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