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Nature’s Wellness Resort, an outlet from urban distress

Nature’s Wellness Resort, an outlet from urban distress

By Dr. Payman Doosti

Tehran (ISNA) - The world is rapidly moving towards urbanization, causing significant changes in our living standards, lifestyles, social behavior and health status. While urban living continues to offer many opportunities, including potential access to better health care, today’s urban environments can concentrate health risks and introduce new hazards related to water and air, traffic and street violence, poverty and unemployment, non-communicable diseases, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity, improper sanitation, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Though the dangerous effects of urbanization on health should be basically controlled by an efficient applicable solution, some specialists suggest the establishment of Nature’s Wellness Villages as the resorts and the gateways from agitation of urban life to the peace of relaxing natures.

Nature’s wellness villages are mostly put up in the midst of the nature, enjoying the natural gifts and the clean open air. They embrace environmental protection as a philosophy and strive to become eco-friendly establishments. Nature’s wellness resorts offer a full range of services which include a holistic model of Wellness such as indoor and outdoor pools, spa facilities and relaxing treatments, air-conditioned rooms, Sports and Entertainments, healthy and organic nutrition, sustainable weight loss programs, customized detox and natural healing packages, alternative medicine and natural therapies presented by Licensed Therapists and Spa & Wellness Professionals. These programs are designed to enhance and rejuvenate Nurture’s guests in body, mind and spirit.

For my part, I had the chance to settle in a Nature’s wellness Village while attending a scientific event in India. Fazlani Nature’s Nest is located in Lonavala, a region between Mumbai & Pune. The Nest is situated in a mountainous, green and lush area, owning the services and facilities of a modern and equipped wellness village. As charitable activities, the nest accommodates several orphans, also supports them with standard education in different levels. In addition, there are some workplaces in the resort’s land to employ underprivileged job seekers.

To get more details regarding the Nature’s Wellness Resort I managed to make an interview with Dr. Abdul Kader Fazlani, the founder and manager of the resort in the green space of the nest.

The questions asked during the interview and the corresponding answers given by Dr. Fazlani are as follows:

Mr. Fazlani, would you please introduce yourself to our readers? In fact, we would like to hear a brief life history of yours.

The Journey started in the year 1927 and then gradually as we grew I have been chairing a group of companies. 1996 we started floriculture in the same vicinity as it was village and it involved labour intensive activities. This helped several homes to earn for their daily living. We then started a school for the underprivileged kids in 2004 to provide education which is essential for every human being.  Further in 2013 – 2014 the idea of wellness evolved.

When and how did the idea to stablish a 'Natures Resort' evolve and what motivated you to do so?

I have been always keen to endeavor on a project to provide a haven for those seeking a cure for their stress, ailments and an escape from the drudgery of the city life. Moreover, the resort was developed beside our existing projects - rose farming and spice cultivation to collaborate and build a symbiotic partnership between the various entities. The recent study by WHO that revealed “by 2030 antibiotics will stop being effective”. This made my vision an mission much more firm and concrete.

Why did you choose the word 'Natures' to name the nest? Does the nest have an easy access to the gifts of nature like mountains, lake, river, forest and the peace far from agitation of urban life?

Nature has always been the abode of all kinds of illness be it physical or mental. There is so much to learn and experience from nature and that is the reason we chose the word Natures Nest.  The Fazlani Natures nest is nestled within a verdant expanse of lush greens overlooking the azure waters of the Mawal taluka, in Takwe, Maharashtra. It is only natural that we symbolically pronounce this abode as being a Nature’s Nest where one can find themselves again and conceive a sense of rebirth from within.

Fazlani’s Nature’s Nest is a portrayal of god’s wonderful creation where our guest’s find themselves surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests and natural phenomena. Guest’s can enjoy bird watching in the morning, participate in our gardening workshops, imbibe the energizing sun rays during our morning yoga session and indulge in wholesome farm-to-table organic cuisine where they are given the opportunity to pick their ingredients fresh from our organic gardens beside the restaurant.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art wellness center and spa offers a multitude of medicated treatments to destress the mind, align the body through Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapies and temper the soul with meditative corners around the resort.

Would you tell us about the location, climate and geographical features of the area?

Conveniently located between Pune and Mumbai, the resort is surrounded by a breath-taking display of lush green meadows beside the azure waters of the Maval Taluka and the Western Ghats. The gentle zephyr from the mountains and the cooling effect of the lake offers a refuge to those who are seeking an escape from the polluted corners and dust ridden gullies that concentrate heavily in populated cities today. I can assure that even a day at the resort can restore the vitality of the individual while allowing the family members to engage in a series of activities like horse-riding, art workshops, pedaling together in our bicycles, nature tours, swimming and outdoor activities.

In how many phases the project was planned? How much progress have you made toward the completion of the project so far? What are your future plans?

The project was split into several phases, where the initial setup was to provide the ideal accommodations and build the infrastructure like the restaurant, horse stables and farming lands.

Over the years, the landscaping of the terrain was engineered to offer pathways, scenic spots for dining and outdoor activities; and architectural areas like an Amphitheatre, the Wellness spa center, Ayurveda treatment rooms and the swimming pools.

Our future plans include expanding our premium luxury accommodations, elevated outdoor activities and hiking trails across the 150 acres of stretched lands which lies within our premises.

Is the nest managed independently by private sector or it is administered and supervised by a governmental organization? Did the ministry of health or tourism support the project?

Presently, we are delighted to manage the property with a team of professional hoteliers from the industry ensuring that strict protocol is enforced to administer international quality standards and offer world class services.

We have been supported by a few distinguished patrons and well-wishers from the government and tourism sector who are delighted with our entry into this space as we bring in an opportunity for city dwellers to experience the scenic greenery and mountains of Takwe, Maharashtra.

This resort was introduced to us as a 'Health Village'. Would you share with us your viewpoint regarding health? How are the resort’s activities related to health?

Fazlani Natures Nest is positioned as a wellness resort with a plethora of healthcare programs ranging from Ayurveda therapies, international massage treatments, Naturopathy programs, world-class physiotherapy infrastructure and unique healing concepts like Quartz therapy, Equine therapy, Hydrotherapy and Panchakarma. In my opinion, health is split into mental, physical and spiritual, where one is always constantly engaged to attain a balance among the three. Take care of your body as it is the only place where you have to live. Most important it’s never too early or too late towards being the healthiest you.

Were recreation and tourism considered as priorities while setting the goals of establishing the resort?

Absolutely, recreation and tourism are part and parcel of the overall Fazlani Natures Nest experience. We believe that the combination of the healing treatments along with the location of the resort and the open-air environment will instantly create the ideal setting for one to rejuvenate and revitalize. Moreover, our resort offers many activities for the family to engage together like horse-riding, art and craft workshops, nature tours at our rose gardens and agricultural lands, tree planting, bicycling and outdoor games.

How about health, medical and curative tourism?

We seek to position ourselves in the helm of medical tourism with focus on non-emergency healthcare with alternative healing therapies and solutions for a wide range of current maladies faced by the present generation today like stroke, paralysis, spinal maladies, neurological and gastro issues. Stress, ulcers and migraines are also common among the youth and seek answers which they learn through practice and take back to administer daily in their lives.

Did you think of a specialized medical clinic in the early or later plans of the project?

We are already working towards establishing our current practice with NABH certification and enforce international quality standards in every program administered at the Amarine Medi-Spa which is our in-house Ayurveda Wellness center and Spa brand.

Mr. Fazlani, have you ever considered allocating a part of the resort's activity to 'Health Education' such as disease prevention, healthy lifestyle, organic and healthy nutrition, physical activity and sports, traditional medicine and even domestic farming or urban agriculture?

I am delighted to say, that Health Education is indeed preached and practiced at our resort which is the center of our efforts and services provided to the guests through our activities and healing programs. Our vision and mission is to educate people of how they need to live a healthy lifestyle. We do not just offer a break from the hectic life but we teach them how they can follow simple health regimes in their daily routine. What we teach them is that it cost money to stay healthy but it’s even more expensive to get sick.

Is there a specific regard to specific groups for instance women, children, the elderly and the people with disabilities in 'Fazlani Natures' Nest'?

Our resort does appeal to many groups like honeymooners, weekend holiday seekers and families with children seeking opportunities to spend together with outdoor fun activities.

However, we are positioned to offer healthcare solutions for the elderly and patients seeking a fully-fledged functional therapy center within a tranquil environment combined with the healing effects of nature.

Did you ever get ideas from inland or foreign models? How about consultation from experienced expert counselors?

In reality, I did take support from a few experienced professionals close to me and stayed at several resorts across India and oversees to understand the business and services provided to those seeking wellness programs. Throughout this experiential journey of learning and observation, I believe that taking a single route of positioning in healthcare and wellness is received well by a niche group of travelers and patients but tends to shun out the families and couples who are a significant part of the holiday seeking market. Therefore, Fazlani Natures Nest offers a series of programs and options for these respective markets without compromising on the quality and promise of a wonderful experience.

Are there any other resorts in India with similar goals and plans?

A few properties have been successful is reaching out to one segment of the market with their offerings while other resorts offer generic wellness packages, sightseeing tours and a few activities onsite. We hope to deliver this and more through our offerings and play to our strengths with flair and abundant resourcefulness.

What is the distinction of Fazlani resort over other similar resorts? In fact, what innovative and distinctive tasks did you perform?

Fazlanis Natures Nest stands apart from other resorts with clear distinct offerings;

Air-conditioned guestrooms, suites and cottages with capacities to accommodate large families with up to 12 members under one roof.

Horse riding ranch with 12 studs and 3 ponies for the children to learn in our premises.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables grown from our gardens right beside the restaurant allowing for the guests to pick and choose the ingredients guaranteeing its freshness and the items are even prepared as per the guest’s choice to suit their palette.

State-of-the Art Wellness Center and Spa with certified doctors in Ayurveda, Naturo-therapy and healing therapies. The center is equipped with 12 treatment rooms, 4 cottages for Ayurveda therapies and a full-fledged physiotherapy center.

The resort expands to more than 65 acres of lush green meadows beside a lake overlooking the majestic mountains of the Western Ghats.

Outdoor activities and dining corners for picnics, candle light dinners and even social gatherings for up to 150 guests.

The spiritual atmosphere of neighborhood, heavenly voice of Azan, elegant engravings of phrases like ‘allahu akbar’ and ‘la elaha ela la’ on the walls, amiability and hospitality of the staff were the points that attracted my attention. What is the importance of human’s mental and spiritual health? Why and how do you appreciate this aspect of human’s health?

With the praises of the Almighty, all things have come to be. It is with our humble devotion that we are earmarked our property with the heavenly scriptures to guide those who visit the property to recant these phrases and bring in a sense of peace during their holiday experience. One must have mental peace to attain spiritual health, such aspects of chanting, meditation and natural surroundings has been prominent criteria in every spiritual setting or natural retreat around the world. I believe that creating such a sanctuary was a calling that I humbly listened and initiated without question. It is rightly said by Matt Decker, “Religion and spirituality influence health in different but complimentary ways.”

We found that one principle in Fazlani resort was following of some philanthropic and charitable affairs as a main priority. My colleagues and I were extremely impressed by this worthy attitude. Would you explain what such affairs are?

Charity and generosity is part of human nature and our belief to comply is part of our DNA. We only tend to help those in need and provide a foundation for those seeking to build themselves up with opportunities. Our desire to help is only compounded when we see the youth of today take significant strides in improving their skills, building a career and succeeding in life. It is our sense of duty to make every moment count and offer a helping hand whenever possible. We hope that these little acts of kindness will spread among these children and they in turn create new havens for the unfortunate to grow and prosper. 

Mr. Fazlani, despite the fact that India is known as the symbol of the variety of races, ethnicity, cultures and religions, you can clearly observe desirable freedom, the least conflict while the most flexible interaction among different groups of society instead. What is the basis for this character in Indian culture and what benefit does this type of peaceful life have?

Chaos and Order is part of the very existence of the universe. However, it is also in our nature to attain stability and nurture resources precious to us. I believe living in a country with such diversity helps one acquire the ability to look from both sides of the coin and appreciate walking in another man’s shoes. This aspect of acceptance and humility can only be attained through years of experience and observation for many are intelligent, but only a handful are wise. Let us learn daily through interactions and know that even a child can teach us how to break prejudice and learn how to play together without race, creed and religion arising as obstacles.

As the last comment, what would you like to declare for our Iranian and Indian readers?

We would like to invite all your readers to consider Fazlani Natures Nest as their next holiday destination when travelling to India since the resort has been designed to offer the best that the country and nature has to offer under one open sky. Take time to meet our friendly resort animals and engage in either as a family vacation or a quiet, holiday getaway with your loved ones. A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, attitude and your mood.

Dr. Fazlani, I really appreciate your joining us in this dialogue. I hope the benevolent investors and those interested in well-being and health matters could benefit from your knowledge and experience and be persuaded to organize ‘Wellness Villages’ where city dwellers and people irritated from urban life would be able to find peace and safety.

Dr. Payman Doosti is Managing Director of "Kermanshah Health" News Agency.

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