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Two Iranian documentaries to attend Maine Int. Film Festival

Two Iranian documentaries to attend Maine Int. Film Festival

Tehran (ISNA) – The 22nd Maine International Film Festival is due to screen two Iranian documentary films, “The Wind” by Hamid Jafari and “Waterfolks” by Azadeh Bizargiti.

The festival will be held July 12-21 in Waterville, Maine, hosting the documentaries in “Ethnographic Iran” section.

“The Wind” is a poetic depiction of the story of the Zar in southern Iran, a spiritual ritual. Spirits ride the wind of the seas and spread illness into the bodies of human beings. The only cure for this wind-carried illness is based on the beliefs of the Zar religion. The Zar ceremony can free the body from evil spirits with the assistance of music and song. Those who perform this ceremony are called MamaZar or BabaZar (The mother or father of the wind). The BabaZar in this film is Gholam-Shah Margiri, the most prominent BabaZar of southern Iran. In this film, accompanied by a MamaZar, he struggles to cure a patient with the help of immortal spirits. Many of the events captured in this documentary have never been filmed before.

Another documentary film, “Waterfolks” is a poetic journey into the everyday life of a fisherwoman from Hengam Island in Southern Iran in the Persian Gulf. Accompanied by a family member or a friend, she goes to the sea every day for fish in order to provide for her family.

Maine Int. Film Festival was founded on 1998, hosting international independent films from around the world.

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