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Iran exporting 2 nanopharmaceuticals to neighboring countries

Iran exporting 2 nanopharmaceuticals to neighboring countries

Tehran (ISNA) – An Iranian knowledge-based company produced three nanopharmaceuticals treating cutaneous leishmaniasis and cancer, two of which are being exported to the neighboring countries.

Vaqar Khodayari, a collaborating expert to the project told ISNA, the knowledge-based concentrates on producing nanopharmaceuticals and “manufacturing two medicines and a complementary medicine are of research achievements of the company”.

Mentioning “Sina Curcumin”, the expert explained that it’s an anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory antioxidant, prescribed as an anti-tumor complementary medicine.

The medicine is being exported to regional countries, such as Iraq, Syria and Oman, Khodayari said, “Negotiations with Pakistan are underway to export the drug and we hope to begin the process, soon”.

Noting that the medicine has been exported to China, the expert said, “We have also manufactured ‘Sina Ampholeish’ which is a topical medicine treating cutaneous leishmaniasis and it’s being exported to Afghanistan”.

According to Khodayari, the company has also produced “Sina Doxosome” prescribed as a treatment for breast and ovarian cancers and the company plans to export the medicine.

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