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We try but can’t work miracles: Heiko Maas

We try but can’t work miracles: Heiko Maas

Tehran (ISNA) – “We try to fulfill our commitments within the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but we can’t work miracles,” German Minister of Foreign affairs Heiko Maas said, in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart in Tehran.

“The situation of the Middle East is sensitive and serious and any increase of tension and losing control over it, is not in the interest of anyone,” Maas added.

“Today, we had compressed talks on JCPOA,” the top diplomat said, “We try to fulfill our commitments within the nuclear deal. However, we can’t work miracles”.

Answering a question on Germany-Israel relations, he said, “There’s a close friendship between Germany and Israel and my presence in Tehran doesn’t mean that any change would appear in our relations”.

Insisting that Germany is still supporting JCPOA, the German foreign minister said, “We believe that reaching the deal was the right action and we recognize Iran’s attempts to benefit from its rights within the framework of JCPOA”.

Criticizing United States’ unilateral withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, the official said, “US’ withdrawal from JCPOA prevented Iran’s expected economic interests to be fulfilled. We try to provide the ground for trade and economic growth for Iran”.

“Instrument for Supporting Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) has been launched to use it for financial exchanges and make European companies able to work with Iran, giving the opportunity to the country to benefit from JCPOA concessions. We are trying to operationalize INSTEX through cooperation with more countries”.

Mentioning that Iran is an influential state in the region, Maas said, “We discussed finding political solutions for regional issues, including Syria and Yemen, with Zarif”.

He also stressed, “During my trip to the region, I found out that nobody wants tensions increased”.

“During my trip to the region, I saw that some elements affect the region from outside. However, the regional countries should keep holding talks. In any position, I always support the dialogues,” Maas added.

Speaking on the process of implementing JCPOA, the top diplomat said, “We explained our expectations regarding the nuclear deal”.

He stressed that preserving JCPOA is only possible when all sides stay committed to their obligations. According to the German official, Germany and EU try to compensate US’ absence and maintain the nuclear deal. However, reciprocally reducing commitments following the same approach by another side is unacceptable.

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