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Visiting Iran through walking tours; from narrow alleys of bazaars to lands of nomads

Visiting Iran through walking tours; from narrow alleys of bazaars to lands of nomads

Visiting Iran is the promise of endless enchantments, as the country has so many diverse cultures and landscapes. If the number of visitors is constantly increasing on the "classic path", from Tehran to Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, Iran is far from being limited to stunning mosques and pristine deserts.

To offer tourists with new experiences and fresh points of view, TasteIran have developed a range of creative " off-the-beaten-track" tours and activities of Iran, to show this country from a brand new perspective. Forget the VIP cars and become an adept of slow travel by discovering Iran through walking tours.

Walk along the bazaars to discover Iran's heritage

One of the most popular ways to visit a city is to experience it on foot. Whatever their size, most historical cities of Iran are best appreciated by walking, as their century-old city-centers were first conceived to wander around. Take Isfahan, for instance: This jewel known as "half of the world" for its beauty has long been the capital of Persian arts, listed by the UNESCO for its creative genius. Numerous craftspeople are working in its bazaar to produce beautiful handicrafts with copper, woods, ceramics, and wool. A walking tour in its narrow alleys is a unique opportunity to listen to the stories behind this Iranian heritage. While in Shiraz, local guides help to revive the traditions by showing visitors the old and forgotten jobs of the bazaar. Here, a woman is sewing "Giveh", the oldest type of handwoven Iranian shoes; There, a man is repairing old books in its antics shops, while his neighbor quietly prepares nuts with saffron and salt all day long. Crossing the threshold of their old shops with TasteIran walking tours is a priceless opportunity to meet with the last representative of these ancient jobs, before they become part of the past.

Pierce the mystery of Persian foods and medicine

Bazaars are also synonyms of foods, with their unmissable colorful stalls of vegetables, herbs, and spices. Yet, most of these ingredients might be mysterious to a foreign eye. It's now possible to pierce the mystery of Persian cookery, and getting familiar with the concept of hot and cold nature in food, by joining a walking tour in the bazaars of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, or Isfahan. Not only it's an opportunity to discover dozens of unique local ingredients, but it's also a chance to taste the Iranian street foods and delicacies, in some traditional bakery known only by locals and bazaaris.

Mingling with the people of Iran in the bazaars is one of the best ways to take the pulse of the country. Bazaars remain the major economic and social center of any cities. But for those who wish to have insights into the authentic Persian culture, adding a cooking workshop to the walking tour is a must. Indeed, Persian cuisine is the soul of the country and meals are a cheerful moment beloved by every Iranian family. From Tehran to Shiraz, participating in a cooking class gives the opportunity to discover local cuisine far from the usual restaurants. And in the small village of Taft, near Yazd, an eco-lodge managed by a Zoroastrian couple aims successfully at sharing their traditions with tourists, through cooking workshops performed in a pomegranate field.

Between the street-arts of the cities and the green lands of nomads

Discovering a city on foot, also sometimes means going out of the bazaars and connect with another aspect of Iran. In the capital city, the walls of Tehran recall the energy and creativity of Iranian artists, as there are so many murals and streets arts to contemplate.

Of course, some of the most beautiful walking experiences of Iran take place outside of the cities. Iran has an incredible nature, offering trekking experiences in the green peaks of Gilan, climbing Asia's second highest volcano Mount Damavand, or experiencing both snow mountains and sand dunes in two days, nearby Shirkooh, in Central Iran. Yet, the most authentic and moving walking adventures in Iran is without a doubt sharing the lives of nomads. For centuries, Iranian tribes have walked between their summer and winter quarters in the mountains of Iran, taking with them all their belongings. Sharing the daily life of nomads during their migration is a lifetime experience, providing unique insights into the precious culture of these various ethnic groups. Along with the Shahsevan or a Qashqai tribe, leave behind you all technologies and modern life, to walk among the nomads and their herds and taste the most authentic Iran.

From the green pastures of the nomads to the busy narrow alleys of the bazaars, up to the intimacy of a Persian kitchen, tourists and visitors have nowadays many opportunities to discover through Iran walking tours.

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