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Iranians have culture of resistance: former CIA director

Iranians have culture of resistance: former CIA director

Tehran (ISNA) - The former CIA director, John Brennan criticized US President’s policies and behavior, describing Donald Trump’s reneging on the Iran nuclear deal as a foolish thing and stressed that Iranians have culture of resistance.

CIA director between 2013-2017, John Brennan criticized US President in an interview with Irish Times and said that his problem with Donald Trump is his dishonesty and character.

John Brennan who is a fierce critic of the US president, said, “Trump has done some very foolish things – like reneging on the Iran nuclear deal, or how he has handled the North Korea situation – I find that many of his policies are deeply flawed”.

“The United States has gone down this cul de sac with Iran, by putting pressure on the regime, in the false belief that they will change. It’s a culture of resistance in Iran,” he said.

“By reneging on the Iran nuclear deal, by designating the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] as a terrorist organization, by tightening sanctions on Iran and forcing European parties to the agreement to renege on their obligations, the perception in Iran is that the Trump administration ultimately wants to overthrow the regime.”

This has emboldened hardliners, he says, and even moderates who signed the 2015 accord.

“What really just rankles me to no end is Trump’s dishonesty, his lack of ethics and principles and character, the way he demeans and degrades and denigrates individuals or institutions of government, what he has done and said about the FBI and CIA and the former leadership, the fact that he wilfully misleads not just the American people but the world.”

“He is a pathological deceiver and that lack of ethical, principled behaviour is something that I never thought I would see in the president of the United States,” John Brennan added.

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