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Zarif says why should I answer Pompeo’s phone call with insulting language?

Zarif says why should I answer Pompeo’s phone call with insulting language?

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affair, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that it’s impossible to go for a diplomatic dialogue to resolve recent tensions with the United States and criticized US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s insulting language.

Three years ago, when Iran’s military captured 10 U.S. sailors after they strayed into Iranian waters, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif jumped on the phone in minutes and worked out the sailors’ release in hours.

Could a similar crisis be so quickly resolved today?

“No,” Zarif said in a recent interview with Reuters. “How could it be averted?”

“Pompeo makes sure that every time he talks about Iran, he insults me,” Zarif said. “Why should I even answer his phone call?”

Following Iran’s counteraction with decreasing its commitments within the Joint Comprehensive Pland of Action (JCPOA), US President Donald Trump announced he is willing to open a dialogue with Iran. Since then, his administration officials, such as Pompeo have referred to the new stance in any opportunity.

In a recent exclusive interview with CNN, Zarif accused Washington of walking out first on the JCPOA, the 2015 deal designed to limit Iran's nuclear capabilities in return for the lifting of sanctions.

"We acted in good faith," Zarif said of the deal, which was signed by the US, Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia. "We are not willing to talk to people who have broken their promises."

"Iran never negotiates with coercion. You cannot threaten any Iranian and expect them to engage. The way to do it is through respect, not through threats," the Iranian top diplomat added.

He also stressed that Iran refuses Trump's offer of talks unless US shows 'respect' through fulfilling its obligations under Iran’s nuclear deal.

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