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Any incident in region affects international security: Iran’s Interior Minister

اعطا حکم شهردار تهران توسط وزیر کشور

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Interior Minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said, “Any incident in the region not only disrupts coherence of security, but affects international security”.

The interior minister noted that the region’s security is coherent, explaining that when you harm the security of one or two countries, it’s impossible to avoid the practical effects.

Fazli insisted, “Given the energy sources in the region and the effect of energy in international relations and security, any incident in the region not only disrupts coherence of security, but certainly affects international security”.

“All experts, regional governments and countries know this fact and understand that everyone should act in a way that doesn’t disturb the coherence of regional security,” he added.

The interior minister stressed, “Iran has always agreed with rational and sensible treatments which are within the framework of international principles. But we will never accept force and threat”.

The Iranian minister continued, “Iran has always seen itself as the protector of regional security and actively taken measures in regional security, defensive and political relations such as fighting against terrorism, ISIS and Takfiri groups. Our country has the most number of martyrs, attempts and pledges in fighting with terrorism and fulfilled its commitments”.

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