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Presence of 10 Iranian artists in French Biennial of Fine Craft

Presence of 10 Iranian artists in French Biennial of Fine Craft

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian Sculptors and ceramist artists will be present with their works at the French Fine craft Biennale. This is the fourth period of this Biennial, which is call for both curators and solo artist.

Ceramic Artist Association of Iran is the main sponsor of Iranian artists for participating in this biennal with support of Directorate General of Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Iran and the Iranian Embassy in Paris. "The Biennial, in its call for curators, invites 11 countries to participate every year, and the event's organizers have invited Iran for this year. Having become familiar with the Iranian art background, international artists are keen on seeing Iranian contemporary art and young artists, and the French people expressed their great delight for Iranian presence in the advertisement for the biennale this year," the curator of Iran pavilion, Rojhane Hosseini said.

Concerning the artists' selection for Iran Pavilion, she said, "The artists selected for the exhibition are divided into two groups: artists making a living by selling their products and handicrafts, and artists making use of handicrafts to produce artistic work. As for the first, I have to say that their art works is very different from their products, and this was an important point for me while selecting them, the fact they draw a line between their handicraft products and their artistic works, which are certainly derived from the techniques they use in their products. And the latter used the technique or the produced handicrafts as the main concept and idea in their art work, which can be understood in connection with the function or impression we have about the handicrafts".

Mehdi Shirahmadi, Nima Nasiri, Mohammad Bahabadi, Mohammadreza Khalaji, Nafis Khalaj, Korosh Arish, Behzad Azhdari, Mohammadali Sajadi, Mohsen Tohidi and Hirbad hemmat Azad are present at the Fine Craft Festival in France.

Mehdi Shirahmadi, Mohammad Behabadi and MohammadReza Khalaji are Sculptor, Nima Nasiri is an enamel painter artist, and the rest of them are ceramic artists.

The Fine Craft Biennial will be held May 22-26, 2019 in the Grand Palais of Paris, France.

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