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Iran joined three countries producing anti-diabetes medicine

داروی ضد دیابت

Tehran (ISNA) – Two new medicines for diabetes treatment were unveiled by an Iranian knowledge-based company, with Science and Technology Vice-President and Health Minister in attendance.

The anti-diabetes medicine “Empagliflozin” reduces adults’ death rate caused by type 2 diabetes.

United States and Germany were the only countries possessing the technical knowledge to produce the medicine and Iran is now the third country able to produce Empagliflozin.

“Dapagliflozin” is another new medicine for non-insulin-dependent diabetes that Iran is now producing, after United Kingdom.

The drugs are classified as inhibitors of the sodium glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT-2).

The two medicines have initially been released in market in 2014 and Iran could localize the drugs after five years in 2019.

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