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IME’s trading statistics over last year (1397 Hijri)

Growth of 52 pct in IME’s trading value

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Tehran (ISNA) - According to Iran Mercantile Exchange trading statistics in year 1397 Hijri, total value of IME’s transactions in the three sectors of the physical market, the derivatives market and the financial market reached a figure of more than 1,786 billion Rials, showing 52 percent growth compared to previous year (1396 Hijri).

According to the report by the IME’s International Affairs and PR, last year, more than 24.84 million tonnes of commodities worth more than 884,308 billion Rials were traded on IME’s physical market, which recorded a 7 percent decrease in trading volume and a 77 percent increase in trading value.

Metal and mineral trading floor

The trading volume of metal and mineral products during this period amounted to more than 7.7 million tonnes, worth more than 327,456 billion Rials.

The physical market performance last year suggests that more than 6.4 tonnes of steel products, 230,125 tonnes of copper, 118,010 tonnes of aluminum, 6,070 tonnes of zinc, 429 tonnes of concentrates, as well as 5,470 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate were traded on the metal and mineral trading floor.

Moreover, 670 thousand tonnes of iron ore, 195,500 tonnes of sponge iron, 25 thousand tonnes of cement, as well as 34,650 tonnes of zinc were traded by costumers on the same trading floor.

Over this year, 164 tonnes of gold were traded worth more than 646.8 billion Rials.

Agricultural trading floor

Over 1.9 million tonnes of agricultural products worth more than 26,499 billion Rials were traded on the physical market of Iran Mercantile Exchange, during last year.

In this market, 22,000 tonnes of barley, 11,000 tonnes of maize and over 180,000 tonnes of sugar were traded by customers over the last year, and also 66 tonnes of saffron, more than 1.6 million tonnes of wheat, 3,350 tonnes of oilseeds, 52 thousand tonnes of crude vegetable oil and 1,420 tonnes of dates were traded on the same trading floor.

The market also witnessed trading of over 13.8 billion Rials of day old chicks in the form of Salaf and cash contracts.

Oil and petrochemical trading floor

IME’s trading value in petrochemical products was recorded at a rate of more than 307,112 billion Rials, and costumers traded more than 4.6 million tonnes of commodities on this trading floor. The trading volume of oil products reached more than 10.3 million tonnes, worth more than 219,189 billion Rials.

In this market more than 1.4 million tonnes of chemical products, over 3.2 million tonnes of polymer products and 1,740 tonnes of gas were traded.

In 1397 Hijri, more than 62 thousand tonnes of oil products and more than 4.5 million tonnes of bitumen was traded in the oil products market and IME’s costumers traded more than 4.8 million tonnes of VB feed stock and 367 thousand tonnes of sulfur.

Moreover, over 507,000 tonnes of lube cut oil, 33,000 tonnes of slaps waxes and 48,000 tonnes of insulation were traded in the oil and petrochemical, over same year.

IME’s side market

During 1397 Hijri, in IME’s side market more than 2,734 tonnes of steel, 8,435 tonnes of waste, 18,491 tonnes of polymer, 24,551 tonnes of agricultural products as well as 4,772 tonnes of chemicals were traded by customers.

Furthermore, in this market, 16,755 tonnes of mineral products and 10 tonnes of copper were traded.

IME’s derivatives market

Over this period, IME customers conducted more than 15.3 million futures contracts and 23,621 options contracts, totaling more than 824,000 billion Rials, showing 258% and 25% growth in trading volume and value, respectively, compared to year 1396 Hijri.

IME’s financial instruments market

In the financial instruments market of the Iran Mercantile Exchange, the volume of transactions reached 2.3 million contracts worth 77,989 billion Rials, showing 270% and 386% growth in trading volume and value, respectively, compared to the same period in previous year.

In addition, 148.8 million standard parallel SALAM contracts were conducted worth more than 20,476 billion Rials.

Also, 95.8 million certificates of deposit contracts were traded, worth 18,817 billion Rials.

The value of ETCs traded on IME reached to more than 38,695 billion Rials, trading more than 2.5 billion units of these ETCs on the financial market of Iran Mercantile Exchange.

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