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Trump`s policy destroys independent media in Iran

علیرضا بهرامی در همایش جهانی روزنامه‌نگاران در سئول

Tehran (ISNA) – An Iranian journalist, attending World Journalists Conference 2019, addressed the destroying role of US President’s sanction policies on independent media in Iran.

On the first day of World Journalists Conference 2019, which begun on Monday March 25 and will run through March 30, Alireza Bahrami, the Iranian journalist gave a speech about the condition of media in Iran, addressing the destroying role of US President Donald Trupm’s sanction policies on independent media in Iran.

Here is the full text of Mr. Bahrami’s speech among more than 60 journalists from countries across the world:

Like other countries, Iranian media have been affected by technological advances over the last few years. Although digitalism has promoted the speed of dissemination of information as well as the quality of the media, on the other hand, the media were heavily influenced by the trend towards social networks.

In Iran, rapid and without gatekeeping communication of news on social networks has created harsh conditions for the official media; Although, at various times, it turned out that social networks are more re-publish the information, and content production continues to be centered around standard media. Thus, it can be said that cyberspace and social networks for media in Iran have been both an opportunity and a threat. For example, they have reduced the circulation of the press, and have helped these media to become multi-dimensional.

But what poses a huge threat to the media in Iran is the international constraints created by the president of the United States. Economic sanctions laws, especially for the paper press and publishing houses in Iran, have created very difficult conditions; For example, reducing the stock and the high price of paper, which reached five times the price of the previous year, has threatened the life of the press and publishing houses, especially the independent and liberal press and publishers in Iran.

Meanwhile, government-backed media are the least harmed, but independent media are shutting down one after another. However, President Trump performs these pressures by claiming to help the Iranian people's freedom.

As a journalist, I respect the choice of the people of the United States and the sovereignty of their country, but at the same time, I want my colleagues throughout the world, as well as the people and government of the United States, to know that the result of President Trump's policies against Iran is that our liberal media Are being closed.
Just now that I'm talking to you, in Iran there is a Persian New Year holidays (Nowruz) and some of these newspapers have announced that they will not be able to publish after the New Year holidays.

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