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Maduro to request assistance from Iran

Maduro to request assistance from Iran

Tehran (ISNA) - Venezuela will request assistance from China, Cuba, Iran and Russia as well as the United Nations to investigate the recent attack on the country's power grids which left the country's vast territories without electricity for several days, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said.

"I have appointed a special commission to investigate the cyberattack and requested the assistance of international experts. I intend to ask for support of the United Nations, Iran, China, Russia and Cuba," Maduro said, adding that the mentioned countries had great experience in tackling cyberattacks.

According to Maduro, after a five-day nationwide blackout the Venezuelan authorities have managed to eliminate the consequences of the attack that "was carried out from the US territory."

Earlier Venezuelan Prosecutor General Tarek Saab has requested to open an investigation into self-proclaimed President Guaido over his alleged role in sabotaging the country's electric system, Sputnik reported.

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