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Foreign Ministry denies false speculations on Zarif’s resignation

نشست بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s Foreign Ministry says any interpretation or analysis revolving around the reasons behind Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif’s resignation are incorrect and devoid of reality except for what written by the top diplomat on his Instagram account.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qassemi said as the Iranian President’s chief of staff said earlier today, the resignation has not been accepted. 

Qassemi then slammed “certain circles” for attempting to reap political and factional gains from Zarif’s announcement, and described it as a totally unacceptable move.

Since taking office, FM Zarif has been doing his utmost to promote the authority, prestige and esteem of the Iranian foreign policy, Qassemi added.

“Therefore, any move to downgrade the priceless idea of strengthening and protecting our foreign policy to some emotional and excited behaviours and personalizing our country’s national and macro policies is unfair and runs counter to the sacred ideals of the Islamic revolution and our religious ethics as well as our national interests and preferences,” he said. 

The spokesman then rejected as baseless reports by certain media outlets on possible mass resignation of a number of foreign ministry directors and ambassadors.

“As Mr. Zarif said, the Foreign Ministry and all its directors and ambassadors will continue their sensitive jobs strongly and seriously to press ahead Iran’s foreign policy and meet our national interests as well as security needs,” he noted.

“With all in his power and relying on his deep knowledge and long experience in diplomacy and international affairs, Mr. Zarif has relentlessly attempted to promote the status of Iran’s foreign policy in bilateral, regional and international relations,” Qassemi said.

“It goes without saying that the wise and informed nation of Iran is well aware of his effective efforts and pay tribute to him,” the spokesman added.

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