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Staying in JCPOA or not depends on public will: FM Zarif

Staying in JCPOA or not depends on public will: FM Zarif

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday that staying in JCPOA or not depends on public demand.

In an interview with Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung on Friday, he added, “Some 51 percent of the Iranian people favor staying in the deal and we cannot do something against public demand”.

Reiterating that European states should make practical measures in addition to taking political stances, Zarif said that when the US withdrew from the deal, these countries gave commitments in 12 cases.

Special financial mechanism was not among the commitments; rather it was a prerequisite, he said, noting that the deal was concluded with the aim of normalizing economic ties.

Asked about US waivers for selling Iran’s oil, he said such licenses have been issued not out of respect for Iran or the agreement; rather they are based on US evaluation about oil market.

Global community should decide whether US’ encouraging and discouraging will be in their interest all the time, he said, noting that if they were asked to cut their trade ties with China, then what reaction they would show.

Responding to a question if Iran’s oil customers obey the US sanctions, how Tehran will react, Zarif said that there are other options available.

Asked about western media hype for inducing crisis in Iran, Zarif said that Iran is fully stable and calm, as it never relies on foreign elements.

Its stability is rooted inside the country. However, the people are suffering from sanctions, he said.

Elsewhere in his talk, he said that fighting terrorism is still underway, adding that Al-Nusra Front forces are still holding big parts of Idlib and a number of Daesh terrorists are present near Deir ezzur and even inside Iraq.

Terrorists have assumed new face. They went home and waiting for resurface, Zarif said, warning about the situation.

Referring to Zionist regime’s adventurism in the region, he said that such adventurisms are always dangerous, according to IRNA.

Iran is in Syria at the request of the Syrian government, but Israel has violated Lebanese airspace and international regulations, Zarif said, noting that if there is something to worry about, it is Israel’s behavior.

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