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In President’s presence;

3rd phase of Persian Gulf Star Refinery opens

پالایشگاه ستاره خلیج فارس

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani opened 3rd Phase of Persian Gulf Star Gas Condensates Refinery on Monday on the second day of his visit to Hormozgan Province.

The refinery will produce gasoline, diesel, LPG, hydrogen, sulphur and jet fuel.

At the opening ceremony of 3rd phase of Persian Gulf Star Gas Condensates Refinery, president Rouhani said, “At the beginning of the fifth decade of the Revolution, the people of Iran are actively present at all stages just like 1979. Enemies hatch plots to stop us from developing”.

“It is hard for enemies to see that during what they say is the toughest sanctions against Iran, we have opened three major national projects in Hormozgan Province in only 24 hours,” he added.

“This means that our nation is moving rapidly towards self-sufficiency and greatness,” Dr. Rouhani continued.

He continued, “The enemies spurred December 2017 conspiracy with the false belief that they could be in Tehran a year later”.

“They said they were implementing the toughest sanctions, but people’s life and Iran’s development continue,” added the President.

Dr. Rouhani also went on to say, “Despite plots and sanctions, we were able to produce high-quality petrol to the amount we needed”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, “When an enemy throws a stone, a glass breaks and losses are inflicted”.

He added, “During the war with Iraq, our refineries were bombarded every day but our oil sales never stopped”, saying, “The entire world were helping Saddam but we stood firm”.

Stating that, “Economic war is harder than military war,” he continued, “We are not in normal conditions; but the enemy will definitely by force to fall retreat at the economic war we have”.

“Trump’s standing along on Iran despite being the President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was a historic scandal for him and great victory for us,” added Rouhani.

He also went on to stress that, “The US is showing animosity against people’s health and lives”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “Operationalization of Fateh-class Submarine and opening of the 3rd phase of Persian Gulf Star Refinery are an honour for the Iranian nation”.

At the end of his speech, the President added, “On behalf of the Iranian nation, I appreciate the engineers and staff of the oil industry and the IRGC”.

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