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Iranian activists, professors, journalists condemn Poland Conference

آمریکا خاورمیانه

Tehran (ISNA) – A group of Iranian human right activists, professors, intellectuals and journalists wrote a letter, asking Secretary General of United Nations, head of UN Human Rights Council and chief of European Parliament to fight US’ anti-peace, anti-security and anti-human right measures against Iranian people under cover of Poland Conference.

Here is the full text of the letter obtained by ISNA:

Dear Secretary General

The heart of the Iranian people is still full of the pain and sorrow caused by terrorist attacks, the latest in Ahwaz in September 2018. Who killed these people in their hometown? What country and government has created ISIS and has left them behind the borders of Iran and among Southwest Asian countries (Middle East), to undermine security? Which countries and governments are responsible for launching and managing proxy wars in the bordering countries of Iran and the Southwest of Asia (Middle East)? (Donald Trump, in a speech on August 11th 2016, identifies Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as ISIL founders. And Hillary Clinton also writes in a book about her efforts to create ISIS.)

Have you forgotten the horror and frustration that was caused by ISIL terrorist attacks on the Bastille Day on the coast of Nice in France? This is despite the fact that insecurity, fear, and pain is always an inseperable part of the people of the region every moment and everywhere. Do you believe that ISIS has been created by the people of Southwest Asia (Middle East), to murder them and to ruin their wealth and dignity?

Do you believe that America is the savior of peace and security in the Southwest of Asia (Middle East)? Has history forgotten the cause of the disasters of Hiroshima, Vietnam, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and other ones? Isn’t it true that the recent events in Latin America show the fact that the United States is looking for its latest childish adventure in this area? Has the United States had any other achievements than insecurity, instability, and killing women and children? As it has assassinated the Iranian scientists and researchers with support of the opponents and enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

The History of the United States suggests that the Poland Conference is more likely to bring chaos and insecurity than bringing peace and security to the people of the Southwest of Asia (Middle East), including Iran, especially on the fortieth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The country that is benefiting Saudi Arabia’s lactating cow these days, after the brutal slaughter of Jamal Khashoghchi by Salman’s mercenaries in Turkey. America’s lactating cow, after years of efforts to bring human rights to Saudi Arabia, has finally given women the right to drive! Is a bunch of dollar given to America by Saudi Arabia worth accepting this level of human right in there by The US?

Poland and its politicians, are welcoming the Conference on the Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East, while the history of its cultural and economic relations with Iran goes back to 15th century, older than the discovery of the American continent in the world! The recent conduct of Polish state and politicians show that they have ignored the value of this long relationship. Poland had better know that Iran will never forget its action against Iran and its support of Iran’s enemies, and will surely have a proper reaction toward Poland. The United States has now chosen Poland and Europe as a playground to play against Iran in, to once again be able to gain its political and economic advantages no matter how many victims to leave.

A group of human right activists, representing the Iranian people, express their dismay and dissatisfaction with this anti-human right conference by the United States in partnership with some other countries hosted by Poland. Therefore, we urge your Exellency and your colleagues in the United Nations, the Human Rights Council, media and all the free people of the world to confront the anti-Islamic, anti-human rights Poland Conference held by America against the Iranian people, as history shows that the United States will not hesitate to take any action, whatever human or moral disasters, to achieve its interests and goals.

Yours sincerely

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Translated and edited by Sepideh Hashemi


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