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Syria’s rebuilding must be considered in agenda: Iran’s Jahangiri

همایش تجاری ایران و سوریه

Tehran (ISNA) – “Rebuilding Syria must be considered in Tehran’s agenda”, Iran’s first Vice-President Es'haq Jahangiri said, during his visit to Damascus.

The Iranian vice president noticed that Iran has displayed its strong will for the project, sending a high delegation to attend Syria during the trip.

During his meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, Jahangiri said, “Regional developments indicate that Syrian government has had considerable victories in fighting against terrorism”.

“The groups which didn’t know anything but murder and loot, are now defeated by Syrian leadership and nation’s tact and unity as well as with the cooperation of friend states. It has lots of lessons for history”.

“Syria’s victories made the supporters of Axis of Resistance happy and angered the enemies. The world saw Israel’s aggressions toward Syrian territory that showed their anger and aggressive manner and the Americans recognized that their presence in the region is costly”.

“Naturally, they will seek to increase economic pressures and sanctions, after their political failure,” he added, “They try to compensate their failures in battlefield by victory in politics, so we need to cooperate on the issue to avoid it”.

Mentioning his talks with Syrian Prime Minister and President, Jahangiri praised Muallem’s regional and international view, saying, “Providing appropriate area for state and private sections and activating businessmen and chambers of commerce can help accelerating the process of rebuilding infrastructures”.

The Syrian Foreign Minister, for his part, said, “We asked Iran to support us until the final victory and during Syria’s rebuilding. Iran and Syria reached an achievement with overcoming in fight against terrorists and today we have to pass the difficult phase of sanctions by developing economic cooperation”.

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Translated by Ghazaal Hosseinkhani

Edited by Sepideh Hashemi


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