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large-scale “Eghtedar 97” military drills successfully underway


Tehran (ISNA) - Commander of Iran Army Aviation Second Brigade General Yousef Ghorbani announced that reconnaissance operations and night combat were successfully conducted for the first time in the large-scale “Eghtedar 97” military drills.

“One of a special missions conducted for the first time in the helicopter field of the “Eghtedar 97” drills was implementation of reconnaissance operations along with night combat that attack, reconnaissance and transport helicopters equipped with night vision cameras could do it,” he said.

“During the operation, Iran Army Aviation’s helicopters could successfully conduct new technics of reconnaissance at night and night combat and along with identification of enemy positions, they could hit stable and moving targets on the ground using optimized rockets and missiles,” General Yousef Ghorbani added.

The Iranian military on Friday began the large-scale drills in the central province of Isfahan.

Thousands of military personnel are taking part in the two-day “Eghtedar 97” drills.

The maneuver is aimed at assessing new structural changes to the Army's ground forces with over 12,000 forces participating to exercise state-of-the-art offensive tactics.

Armored vehicles, artillery units, rapid reaction forces, mechanized infantry, electronic warfare, telecommunications and UAVs were deployed to the vast maneuver area.

Demonstrating quick mobilization of forces as well as providing airborne support to helicopters throughout the maneuver are among the major goals of the drill.

RF-4 jets and drones were used on the first day of the drill for reconnaissance sorties.

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