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Iran doesn’t allow any country make alliance against its interests: deputy FM

Iran doesn’t allow any country make alliance against its interests: deputy FM

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Abbas Araqchi and Poland’s deputy Foreign Minister, Maciej Lang have met in Tehran and exchanged views on the so-called Conference on the Peace and Security of the Middle East, co-organized by the US and Poland for February in the Polish capital Warsaw.

Lang arrived in Tehran on Monday at the head of a political delegation for talks with the Iranian official.

During the meeting, the polish diplomat referred to the “very good” mutual relations between Iran and Poland throughout history and reiterated his country’s resolute support for the Iranian nuclear deal.

Elaborating on the upcoming conference in Warsaw, Lang said, “The conference will generally discuss ways to press ahead with peace and security in the Middle East, and there will be no stance against any country including the Islamic Republic of Iran during the conference”.

He underlined that Poland maintains that Iran, as one of the main players of the Middle East, has an influential role in the regional developments.

“Our goal of holding such a conference is to contribute to efforts to resolve regional problems, and Poland as a friend country for Iran will not allow any anti-Iran move during the conference,” he said.

For his part, the Iranian official underlined that the Middle East crisis is rooted in the Zionist regime’s occupation.

“The Zionist regime and its occupational and suppressive policies are the main problem of the region and the region will not gain peace until the Palestinians are given their legitimate rights.”

The diplomat said the absence of such a significant issue on the agenda of the conference reveals its unilateral nature. “It is clear that the US is seeking other goals through holding the conference,” he noted.

Araqchi also cited the US adventurous policies as another problem of the region and said how the US can claim it is after resolving regional problems while it is seeking to destroy the Iran nuclear deal as the only fruit of diplomacy and negotiations in the sensitive region?

The Iranian diplomat then described as unacceptable the reasons put forth by the Polish government to accompany the US in holding Warsaw conference and added the Polish government should figure out the real intentions of the US by holding the conference and remain fully aware of its consequences.

Araqchi finally underlined that the Islamic Republic has always been seeking to restore peace and security to the region and has proven its intention through waging war against terrorist groups like ISIS "but we do not allow any country in the region or outside to make alliance against our interests."

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