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Birth anniversary of prominent Iranian poet Ferdowsi


Tehran (ISNA) – January 21 marks the birth anniversary of the prominent Iranian poet Abul-Qasem Ferdowsi who sheltered Persian language during centuries of alien storms.

Iran has always been a favorable land to conquer for those ambitious dynasties, from the east to the west, who have been seeking for a dominant voice.

These aliens, all of whom got grasped by Persian culture, have done all they could do to get Iranians on their leash. Under the years of foreign monarchs’ rule, many legacies of ancient Persian dynasties have been destroyed and Iran could even lose its own language as it has been under Mongol to Timurid invasions, unless a popular and concrete document could save it from fully disappearance.

That was the time when a man raised to use his art toward reviving Persian language by his legendary epic poems of love, altruism, chivalry and liberty.

The man was called Ferdowsi, the one who dedicated 30 years of his life to the spectacular mythical Shahnameh (Book of Kings) and the man whose poems are the inseparable part of Iran’s history and Iranians’ identity.

The book which had great influence on the nation’s cultural heritage, chronicles the legendary history of the pre-Islamic kings of Iran from Keyumars to Yazdegerd III.

An illustration depicting Rostam, the epic hero of Shahnameh, talking to Iranian generals

Shahnameh is composed of 55,000 couplets and has been translated into several languages.

Every year, Iran pays tribute to its great poet on National Ferdowsi Day marked on May 15.

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Written by: Ghazaal Hosseinkhani

Edited by: Sepideh Hashemi


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