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Trump simply stating his false, impossible dreams: Iran


Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says US President Donald Trump as always, without learning a lesson from the developments of the recent decades and without revising the policies of his ill-advised predecessors towards this region and Iran has once again made irrational and hate-inspired statements against the people of this ancient land.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qassemi said these are just the restatement of the same ambitiousness and avariciousness of the medieval and obsolete powers.

He also stressed that the dreams and hostile actions of the United States against the people of Iran have not been effective, and despite all their hate-inspired attempts such moves against Iran will remain futile.

“Donald Trump is just simply stating his false and void wishes which do not correspond any existing facts. He knows that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been familiar with the US sanctions policies and pressures for decades,” added Iran’s spokesperson.

He further mentioned that Trump must know the Iranian nation will never bow to oppressive US pressures, especially to the rulers who choose sanctions instead of respect and pick[building] wall instead of bridge.

Iranians have learned in their dramatic, but gratified history how to resist the overwhelming adversaries and bullies. They know how to defeat anti-Iran enemies and crush them, noted Qassemi.

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