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Iran navy to send flotilla to Atlantic


Tehran (ISNA) - Iran's navy says it is to dispatch a flotilla, including the country’s most advanced destroyer, to the Atlantic Ocean on a five-month mission.

The fleet will depart for the waters early next year on the Iranian calendar, which begins on March 21, Rear-Admiral Touraj Hassani-Moqaddam, the Navy’s deputy commander told IRNA on Friday.

“The mission will take place in line with the order issued by the chain of command,” he noted, adding that the fleet will be going around the globe to reach the Atlantic.

“The course towards the Atlantic Ocean is a long one, and the Iranian naval group’s mission in the ocean could last for up to five months,” Hassani-Moqaddam added.

“Iranian helicopter-carrying destroyer Sahand is going to be one of the vessels to be included in the group,” he said.

Iran launched the combat vessel, which has radar-evading stealth properties and can sustain drawn-out voyages without resupply on December 1.

The commander said the destroyer is equipped with enhanced torpedo launchers, anti-aircraft and anti-ship guns, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missile systems, anti-submarine firepower, precision defensive capability, high maneuverability, and electronic warfare equipment, Press TV reported.

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