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Discovery of new oil, gas fields in Iran

Discovery of new oil, gas fields in Iran

Tehran (ISNA) - The director of the National Iranian Oil Company's discovery department, Seyyed Saleh Hendi said that cooperation with international companies for exploration of oil fields is continuing as new fields have been discovered in 2017 and 2018.

“We are working in three parts of the exploration of new fields, new reservoirs and increasing the volume of discovered fields,” he said.

“We have had good achievements in all three sections. There are about 40 discovered and developed oil reservoirs in the country, which indicates that the exploration sector is ahead of production and development,” Seyyed Saleh Hendi added, according to IRNA.

He noted, “After US new sanctions against Iran, no problem has happened and the plans for the discovery have not changed”.

“Sanctions are accelerating the development of domestic capabilities,” the official said, adding, “Some years ago, we were begging for foreign and even Chinese companies to buy some drilling equipment, but today we have become self-sufficient in this field”.

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