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Meybod; world city of Zilu


Tehran (ISNA) – The head of Yazd province’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Seyyed Mostafa Fatemi announced that Meybod was registered as the world city of Zilu (cotton carpet).

“Following conducted reviews, Meybod was registered by World Handicrafts Council as the world city of Zilu,” he said.

Some experts from the World Crafts Council, an affiliate of UNESCO recently visited Meybod to take a closer look at the city’s capacities in the field of Zilu and the traditional art and then the city was chosen as the world city of Zilu.

At present, having registered eight cities and two villages in the organization, Iran stands first in terms of the number of the registered sites.

Meybod is a city and capital of Meybod County, Yazd Province, Iran. Meybod is a major desert city in Yazd Province, Iran with a population of about 75,000 making it the second major city in Yazd.

Mashhad, Lalejin, Isfahan and Tabriz have already been recorded as the world cities of gemstones, pottery, handicrafts and handwoven carpets, respectively.

Marivan's giveh (Klash weaving), Sirjan's Shiriki Peech kilim and Kalpoorgan's 7,000-year old pottery were also registered by the international body.

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