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Tehran, Damascus discuss latest developments in Syria, region

Tehran, Damascus discuss latest developments in Syria, region

Tehran (ISNA) - Senior assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister on Special Political Affairs, Hossein Jaberi Ansari and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad held a meeting in Damascus, discussing the latest developments in Syria and the region.

During the meeting, both sides have also stressed on the importance of Iran-Syria relations as a factor of stability in the region and countering US policies to revive terrorists and create obstacles to prolong the war in the Arab country.

They exchanged views on anti-terror efforts and progress on the political track, mainly the formation of the constitutional committee which will be tasked with studying the Syrian constitution

They also reaffirmed both nations’ determination to continue combating terrorist groups operating across the region, underlining the need for a political settlement as the sole solution to the Syria crisis.

The officials vowed to resist any pressure by the United States, which is attempting after its failure to revive terrorists to topple the government in Damascus.

Jaberi Ansari and Bashar al-Assad also discussed developing bilateral ties to strengthen relations that are in the interest of the two Syrian and Iranian nations.

The meeting was also attended by Syrian deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Mikdad and the Iranian ambassador to Damascus.

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