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Iran marks National Day of Students

مراسم راهپیمایی روز ۱۳ آبان

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian people have taken to the streets across the country on Sunday November 4 to attend the demonstrations on the National Day of Fighting Global Arrogance and the National Day of Students.

On this historic day (November 4), Iranian people including students and a number of public servants and officials have gathered in front of den of espionage (US former embassy in Tehran).

They have shouted the slogans such as “America, America, death to your deception! The blood of our youth is dripping from your fingers!”, “Death to America, death to Israel!”

More than 4000 press crew are covering the event across the country.

The political and military figures are to deliver speech in Tehran and other cities.

Foreign students are also participating in the event along with Iranian students.

39 years ago, on this day (November 4,1979), Iranian students seized the den of espionage in Tehran in protest of numerous US plots against the Islamic Revolution.

Every year on this day, the Iranian people demonstrate national unity and coherence, participating in the national march.

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