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In an exclusive interview with ISNA;

Trump advisors give him wrong information: Iran FM spokesman

Trump advisors give him wrong information: Iran FM spokesman

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that it seems like US president doesn’t have enough information about the region and his advisors destroy his reputation by presenting wrong information.

In an exclusive interview with ISNA, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qassemi said, “It seems like US President, Donald Trump doesn’t have enough information about our regional conditions, features of its people and recent developments in the east and unfortunately, his well-known advisors destroy trump’s reputation and interests of American people, regardless to the interests of US’ people, by presenting wrong information obtained from some terror groups who are interested in drowning US in conflicts in the Middle East.

Answering a question about Trump’s recent remarks about Iran in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Qassemi said, “US president, unhopefully, has got severely used to telling repetitive, false and baseless stories against Iran. We know that breaking a habit is difficult but it’s possible with a bit endeavor”.

Referring to Trump’s remarks as saying that before he came into office “Iran was going to take over everything in Syria and Yemen”, the spokesman said, “He may have mistaken ‘state’ for ‘thing’ due to Mr. Bolton’s advises. Syria and Yemen are two states in the region that one of them went under strikes of terrorists who were trained by US partners and another was invaded by one of US’ closest and loveliest allies.

“Trump must have already learned that Iran has neither sought to take any ‘thing’, nor invaded any country,” Qassemi added, “He may have mistaken Iran’s name for another country or terror group. During recent centuries, Iran has never invaded or sought to seize any other territory and won’t have such intentions. Iran has never taken any ’thing’ before he took office to leave it or change its policies after his administration took power and withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal”.

Noting that Iran’s policies regarding the region is completely clear, the Iranian diplomat said, “With no doubt, Iran is the same state with all its previous features. It is the same state that it was before trump’s administration and it hasn’t changed any of its regional policies”.

Insisting on Iran’s policies in the region such as fighting with extremism and terrorism, as well as, trying to establish peace, security and development for all the states in the Middle East, Qassemi said, “Iran doesn’t have any operational forces in any country and its advisory forces in Syria have an important and fundamental role in assisting the Syrian government toward fighting against terrorism”.

 “Regarding its interests, Iran tries to defend its dignity against enemies, complies with international rules and orders and supports the nations who are interested in cooperation with Iran to establish peace and stability in the region,” he added.

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