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Iranian cabinet announces Monday national day of mourning

Iranian cabinet announces Monday national day of mourning

Tehran (ISNA) - The Council of Ministers issued a statement to condemn Saturday’s terrorist attack in Ahvaz city, announcing Monday as national day of mourning.

Here is the full text of the statement:

Saturday’s terrorist attack on people and defenders of people’s security in Ahvaz city proved it clearly that the enemies of Iran follow no goal but to destroy Iran and Iranians, and in their anti-human bloodshed, women, children, old and young, Lur and Arab, worker and soldier will be subject to their grudge merely because they are Iranians.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran offers condolences to the brave people of Khuzestan and the patient family of martyrs and those injured in the incident, announcing their funeral day (Monday 24 September 2018) national day of mourning.

We are calling on all governments, especially neighbours, to carry out clear, decisive measures in countering terrorist groups that had a role in this bloodshed or supported them, and believe in the fact that the security of the countries of the region is an integral and common capital of all the nations of the region and that the Iranian government and nation's fight against terrorism and their sponsors and cooperation in safeguarding the region's security will continue with determination until terrorism is eradicated from the region.

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