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Happened over the first week of September;

Trading over 501 thousand tonnes of various commodities on IME

بورس کالا

During weekdays ending up to Sept 6, while approximately 501,116 MT of commodities worth over $477 million were traded in Iran Mercantile Exchange, the trade volume and value experienced a growth of 33% and 81%, respectively.

According to the report from IME International Affairs and PR, last week, on the domestic and export metal and mineral trading floor of IME, 180,040 MT of various products worth close to $216 million were traded.

On this trading floor, 154,540 MT of steel, 8 kg of gold bullion, 10,000 MT of sponge iron, 9,000 MT of copper and also 6,500 MT of aluminum were traded by the customers.

The report declares that on domestic and export oil and petrochemical trading floors of IME, 268,238 MT of different commodities with the total value of $227 million were traded.

On this trading floor, 38,840 MT of bitumen, 500 MT of slaps wax, 66,624 MT of polymer products, 38,252 MT of chemical products, 2,700 MT of sulfur, 85,500 MT VB feed stock and 35,500 MT of lube cut oil were traded.

Moreover, on the agricultural trading floor of IME, 52,520 MT of various commodities worth over $27 million were traded. On this trading floor, 47,400 MT of wheat, 2,150 MT of sugar, 1,200 MT of crude veg. oil, 1,760 MT of oil seeds as well as 10,960 kg of saffron were traded by customers.

Furthermore, the side market of IME experienced trading of 267 MT of agricultural products.

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