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Turkish ambassador to Tehran:

Turkey not to comply with unilateral sanctions on Iran

Turkey not to comply with unilateral sanctions on Iran

Tehran (ISNA) – Turkish ambassador to Tehran announced that his country won’t comply with US’ unilateral and illegal sanctions on Iran, stressing that the sanctions should conform to international law and be based on international consensus.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Turkish ambassador to Tehran Riza Hakan Tekin said, “We will do our best to prevent Tehran-Ankara relations from being affected by the US sanctions against Iran and our country doesn’t have to act in compliance with US’ unilateral decisions on Iran”.

He added, “Turkey imports half of its needed crude oil from Iran and it is impossible to meet the U.S. demand on stopping purchasing Iran’s oil”.

The official went on to say, “Turkey complies with sanctions that are in line with the international laws. Our country has always adhered to this criterion, but unilateral sanctions that are against the stance of the international community are not legitimate and binding”.

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