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Bin Salman, Trump, Netanyahu are isolated, not Iran: FM Zarif

Bin Salman, Trump, Netanyahu are isolated, not Iran: FM Zarif

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman, US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are isolated in the world and they have become the symbols of distrust due to their violence, crackdowns and injustice, mentioning that Iran is not isolated, but they are.

Pointing out to the significant role of media in today’s international and regional environment, Zarif told reporters on Monday, “In current sensitive situation, the media should totally recognize its role and use our capacities well”.

Iranian foreign minister added, “Today the whole world has announced that it is opposed to US policies against Iran. Although, US’s bullying and political pressures can lead to some problems but the fact is that the US is an isolated state in today’s world. The whole world is talking about Netanyahu, Trump and Bin Salman’s isolation, not Iran’s. The three have become the symbols of distrust due to their violence, crackdowns and injustice. The state which arrests another state’s prime minister, the president who violates international agreements such as NAFTA and Paris and the one who has repeatedly abused the rights of Palestinians. The three are isolated in the world because of such treatments and their Iranophobia policy. They have money and they can put Iranian people under pressure by their strategies and we should reduce the pressure but they are isolated”.

“US is waging the propaganda that it is in touch with Iran’s people and Netanyahu writes tweets and sheds crocodile tears every day. You claim that you have connection with Iranian people but the first sanction that you reimposed against Iran was related to airplane sales; airplanes that would have been used in favor of Iranian people,” Zarif said.

The important thing for us must be being realistic about facts and act with awareness. The major move of US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is to make mental inflammation, he added.

The Iranian top diplomat stated, “Who believes that Trump wants to negotiate with Iran? Iran’s Supreme Leader said if JCPOA could be effective and implemented efficiently, it provides the suitable environment for future negotiations. JCPOA was the result of 12 years of indirect and 2 years of direct negotiation. An American foreign minister had never been abroad for such a long time to hold talks with any country and it indicated the power of Iran”.

Zarif insisted that Iran and US’s former administration spent a long time on JCPOA but US president Trump withdrew from the deal in a short interview and it was just a “propagandist show”.

He said, “Negotiations should worth discussing. 60% of American people believed that US shouldn’t withdraw from JCPOA and more than 180 countries across the world have supported the agreement except a few number of US allies. Despite the facts, US claims it intends to negotiate with Iran. They look forward to make an atmosphere showing they support talks and it is Iranians who don’t accept holding dialogue”.

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