Iran has numerous options to deal with oil sanctions: FM deputy

عباس عراقچی

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi said, “Our demand is selling Iran’s oil and taking back the money of our oil sales and the negotiations are aimed at reaching a practical resolution to continue selling oil”, mentioning that the talks over European proposal is still going on.

In an interview with Al-Alam News Network, Araghchi said, “Others can’t have exports, if Iran couldn’t. Iran has many options, authorities and choices and there’s not just one Strait of Hormuz or one solution”.

He added, “Our interactions with European countries concluded to a set of promises they gave us, including their proposed package”.

“The package includes all the demands of Iran in oil, gas, insurance and banking fields and we are still waiting to receive operational resolutions to implement the commitments. Talks on the issue are still going on,” the official continued.

Explaining the timeline for European sides to propose their practical resolutions to Iran, he said, “Europe should present the proposals by August 6 when the first part of US sanctions against Iran will take place,” added, “We should reach a practical mechanism before the date to meet Iran’s demands”.

Answering a question about Saudi’s approach toward Iran, he said, “Saudi Arabia should revise its approach toward the region and its assessment of Iran’s politics”.

Saying that the region is suffering from Saudi’s calculating error, he added, “All the disasters raised in Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Gulf Cooperation Council, Syria, Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan were due to Saudi’s repetitive mistakes”.

Mentioning that there are numerous options to deal with US measures against Iran, Araghchi indicated, “I hope we don’t reach to a point to implement such actions. I think that the international community, US allies, specially Europeans, China, Russia and India don’t want to reach the point and that’s why they hold negotiations to meet Iran’s demands”.

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