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Some tips in taking medicinal plants


Tehran (ISNA) - As medicinal plants have globally captured attention in recent decades, In Iran, too, they are increasingly in use, SinaPress reported.

Yet, these natural products are typically prescribed by non-specialist individuals, this is where their adoption ought to be based on scientific principles.

One of the biggest challenges to taking medicinal plants is their correct identification. Since certain species are apparently similar to one another, they cannot be distinguished by ordinary individuals.

For instance, the upper parts of some medicinal product like Passiflora incarnate with over 2.5% flavonoids are effective in alleviating insomnia, anxiety, nerve pain, and muscle cramps. However, this plant is often confused with species like Passiflora caeulea, Passiflora foetida or Passiflora edulis.

Another barrier to properly using medicinal plants is their different parts; for example, in the case of Passiflora, though its upper parts feature therapeutic effects, its root is toxic and, hence, hazardous.

The next issue to be taken into account while taking the so-called items is the quantity used as, for instance, the excessive consumption of Ginseng leads to increased blood pressure.

Medicinal plants and their products should only be purchased from reputable centers and if necessary, they ought to be prescribed by specialists.

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