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Probable hazards of laser in medicine revealed


Tehran (ISNA) - Laser is useful in medicine, yet, along with numerous benefits, this technology can be risky, SinaPress reported.

The Iranian researchers at Atomic Energy Organization of Iran have lately explored the probable hazards of medical lasers and published their findings in the journal of Laser in Medicine, affiliated to Jahad Daneshgahi.

They found that since in medical applications, tissue and glands are exposed to laser and evaporated following absorbing its thermal energy, the resulting vapors might enter the environment.  Moreover, the laser employed to remove the unwanted hairs, burns them; therefore, the vapors caused by the process enter the environment.

Also, as aluminum particles and vapors are absorbed by respiratory and digestive systems, they are dispersed in most tissues of the body and are stored chiefly in liver, kidneys and pancreas.

In addition, iron particles and vapors, as the most used metal in industry, can be absorbed through respiration, skin and digestive systems; they are dispersed majorly in liver and bone marrow and excreted via kidneys.

The Iranian researchers claim that using medical lasers in surgical operations leads to the probable dispersion of infectious contaminants including various bacteria and viruses. Thus, users are recommended to adopt some mask alongside a highly efficient air discharge unit in order to prevent inhaling the so-called contaminants.

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