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Natural food colors produced by researchers at Jahad Daneshgahi


Tehran (ISNA) - Non-transmissible diseases are known as the principal cause of death in Iran and they are majorly the consequence of excessive consumption of abnormal additives in food ingredients, SinaPress reported.

Head of Research Center for the Production of Food Additives at Research Institute for Food Science and Technology, affiliated to Jahad Daneshgahi in Razavi Khorasan, Shadi Blourian, PhD, and her team have, for the first time, succeeded in producing natural additives in Iran.

Besides localizing the knowledge of producing natural food colors, the team is, also, able to provide the new products in mass.

Till 2008, the chief food colors adopted in the Iranian food industry were synthetic ones imported from other countries, an issue that led to the increasing emergence of non-transmissible diseases and the exit of currency from our nation. This is while Iran, due to its diverse natural climates, features a high potential for producing natural food dyes.

Given the prevalence of non- transmissible diseases alongside cancer and cardiovascular problems, extracting natural additives and replacing synthetic compounds with them has lately been the key priority for food industry.

“Since 2008, we have been focusing on this crucial objective so that the health of food products might improve and the flow of currency from our nation can be contained,” said Shadi Blourian.

About the process of producing natural food dyes, Assistant Professor held, “In the first phase, we carried out circa 20 research projects at Research Institute for Food Science and Technology. In 2014, Research Center for the Production of Food Additives was launched”.

“As the knowledge-based natural food colors have acquired various licenses, they are currently available for families and for different food industries, as well,” she claimed.

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