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1st Iranian subspecialized cell therapy hospital waiting for a miracle


Tehran (ISNA) - The construction process of the first Iranian subspecialized cell therapy hospital commenced in 2014.

It was due to be opened last year and to concentrate on diverse spheres including cell therapy, infertility treatment and the relevant studies, SinaPress reported.

The hospital was, also, to focus on the entire therapeutic activities already carried out by Royan Institute so that it could pursue novel medical approaches such as gene-therapy as well as joint-ventures of medical fields and tissue engineering.

If constructed, it could have been an icon of progress in our nation and besides developing science, it could have advanced tourism therapy.

Though Tehran’s City Council provided financial aids to the construction procedure of the hospital, this project has been suspended since Municipality, as the employer, does not regard it as a prior plan.

Last year, Hamid Gourabi, the former head of Royan Institute affiliated to Jahad Daneshgahi, said, “At the first phase of the project, we were told that Minister of Health and Medical Education has disproved it.”

“However, following some negotiations, the minister ordered the rapid building of the hospital. Yet, the construction process has been suspended for over 3 years due to budget issues and solely a miracle could rescue it.”

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