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By abetting Saudis, U.S. seeks to incite war between Muslim

دیدار رهبری با کارگران

Tehran (ISNA) - Ahead of the Labor Day, thousands of laborers and entrepreneurs from across the nation gathered at Imam Khomeini Hussayniyeh to meet with Ayatollah Khamenei-- the Leader of the Islamic Revolution-- on Monday April 30, 2018.

At this meeting Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the US’s plot consists of abetting and equipping some countries for encountering Iran, and further stated, “If these countries gain wisdom, they won’t get involved in any conflict against Iran; but, if they enter a war with Iran, they will certainly be struck down”.

Meeting with laborers this morning, the Leader of the Revolution stressed, “Yesterday, an exhibition of Iranian products was held here. I visited the exhibition for several hours; I saw your products. Truly, the artistic hands of the Iranian worker must be praised. Hands must be praised for your work that I saw”. 

He went on to say, “The Iranian products are valuable because of their high quality; despite all the difficulties we face: the sanctions that prevent importation of raw materials and machinery, and all different types of problems that the tyrants create for us; despite all of these troubles, the Iranian products have great advantages.”

Ayatollah Khamenei further reminded his audience, “Yesterday, tens of companies, displayed their products, made by your hands. We could see all types of products, including ready to wear shoes and clothes, household goods, stationery, china and crystal tableware, medicines, beauty products, furniture, electrical items, everything! They were all distinguished, high-quality products. It actually makes one bow to the Iranian workforce”.

The Leader of the Revolution continued, “Today the workers mentioned some problems; some of these problems are related to the entrepreneurs, some related to the workers: these problems must be solved. Actions must be taken, thoroughly and seriously, to resolve these problems. When Iranian products are supported, when the work of the Iranian worker is valued, then we wouldn’t see a factory using only one-third of its capacity”.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated, “When we say supporting the Iranian products, it means that jobs must be created. It means that we should not have an unemployed worker. It means that the educated youth should not look for office jobs only”.

Adding that one method used by the enemies for confronting the Islamic revolution system is through economic confrontation, the Leader of the Revolution added, “Another method is abetting ignorant and heedless states in our own region. The US incites the Saudis in order to create conflict in our region. Why don’t they incite the Zionists? Because they want Muslims to fight against Muslims”.

Mentioning that the US’s plot consists of abetting and equipping some countries for encountering Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei stated, “If these countries are wise, they won’t get involved in a conflict against Iran; but, if they enter a war with Iran, they will certainly be struck down and defeated. The Americans want to avoid the costs of confrontation with the system created by Islamic Revolution.”

Referring to the fact that in every place, the Americans stepped, they disturbed security, and made the people miserable, the Leader of the Revolution further added, “For the same reason, the presence of the US in Western Europe must be obliterated: they must leave our region. The one who must leave is the US, not the Islamic Republic. We are from this region: the Persian Gulf is our home; West Asia is our home”.

Ayatollah Khamenei finally reiterated, “I previously mentioned during the term of another US president, the time of hitting and escaping is gone; now, if you hit, you will be hit back. They know that if they attack, they will receive stronger counterattacks. Today, the war waged against us, is funded by the United States Department of Treasury. How do we encounter it? We invest in on our own economy”.

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