Genetic epidemiology, best way to know how genetics work


Tehran (ISNA) –Professor of Medical Genetics at University of Bologna Medical School in Italy asserted that fortunately, they achieved the completed cure sequence of butterfly disorder by gene therapy in which uses viruses to deliver functional genes, which can encode the collagen in skin cells.

Professor Giovanni Romeo explained that the Human Genome Project HGP was launched in the 1980s as an organized effort to provide the information that researchers need to understand the genetic basis of all disease.

“The HGP is like translating an entire library of books written in a foreign language into language we can read as genetic codes, with this library researchers can investigate just what each gene is responsible for in the human body,” he said. “When we found the specific gene then we can also find that how mutations in genes cause genetic diseases".

He believed that this information may help researchers develop tests and treatments for genetic diseases, which will reduce human suffering and add productive years to people’s lives.

“Preconception screening can identify factors that could negatively affect your health or your pregnancy. A general history, including family history and laboratory testing, is essential to identify potential issues, which may need to be addressed prior to becoming pregnant,” he said.

Professor Giovanni added, "By using a clinically tested gene therapy platform, we are able to induce very specific regulatory cells that target the self-reactive cells that are responsible for causing MS".

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