“Kupal” to be screened at Thrissur Film Festival

فیلم سینمایی کوپال

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian film “Kupal” directed by Kazem Molaie will be screened at the 13th Thrissur international Film Festival in the south Indian state of Kerala.

The 13th Thrissur international Film Festival has been held from March 1- 7 in Kerala and hosts the Iranian film “Kupal”.

Thrissur International Film Festival established in 2004 and its main goal is to screen the best international and Indian films in Kerala. Kerala is one of the southern states of India that is famous for its sandy beaches and palm trees and the Thrissur is the oldest festival in the state.

The Iranian film was also screened at the 46th international film festival in Belgrade, Serbia early this week.

Addition to “Kupal”, another Iranian film “The Dog and The Insane Lover” directed by Ali Mohammad Qasemi will be also screened at the Thrissur International Film Festival in India.

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