US ambassador to UN militarily uninformed: Gen. Jazayeri

سردار جزايري

Tehran (ISNA) – The deputy Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri criticized the US ambassador to UN for her claim that Tehran supplies missiles to Yemen and said Nikki Haley has no expertise in military and defense issues.

"If the Americans had been aware of the high level of Yemeni resistance's missile technology prowess, they would have prevented the utterance of such ridiculous remarks," Jazayeri said.

He added that Washington has no capability to build a consensus against Iran and the anti-Israeli resistance front, PressTV reported.

The senior Iranian commander emphasized that a real change in US attitude and an end to its "warmongering and criminal" acts across the world are the only solutions to Washington's predicaments.

Nikki Haley went on live television Thursday to display debris purportedly from a ballistic missile that had been fired from Yemen at an airport in the Saudi capital Riyadh and leveled baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran by displaying the piece of metal.

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