Deep dive into cancer genome offering new way and lease on life

دکتر گابو ژیبو

Tehran (ISNA) – A senior scientist at Yucebio Company in China emphasized that surgery was not the first option for cancer treatment.

"Cancer genome research is a revolutionary approach to cancer diagnosis and it should become the standard of care in cancer studies," says Dr. Gao Zhibo, CEO of YuceBio Technology in China. "Genomic technology and Cancer immunotherapy is the top technology in this field and our finding is moving into clinical care quickly and effectively."

He said in an exclusive interview with ISNA that Surgery was the last option for cancer treatment. But tissue biopsies revealed cell mutations susceptible to specific drugs and that set patient on a more personalized chemotherapy treatment path.

The CEO of Yucebio cancer research company asserted that immunotherapy really worked, but not for every kind of cancer, and not for every patient, it turned out, for the majority of them. The immunotherapy was incredibly valuable for the people who could actually benefit from it, but there were far more people out there who didn’t benefit at all.

“The antibodies are available off the shelf, but at a list price near $470,000 per year for every patient, it’s an investment and doctors shouldn’t encourage lightly. Especially when there’s no reliable way of predicting who will respond and who won't,” He said. “But we are trying to reduce the cost and make it much more affordable".

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