Larijani departs for Russia


Tehran (ISNA) - The Speaker of Islamic Parliament of Iran left Tehran for Russian capital of Moscow on Sunday to attend the international anti-drug conference.

Before leaving Tehran, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani told reporters that he was going to Russia to attend the two-day international conference dubbed "Parliamentary Members vs. Drugs" but he will also hold important meetings with Russian officials on the sidelines of this conference.

Larijani pointed out that Iran had previously held a meeting with the Russian Duma on the issue of joint investment between the two countries, so on the sidelines of this conference this issue will be discussed.

On December 4, the State Duma will host the important international anti-drug conference supported by the UN and initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. MPs from 44 countries, representatives of foreign structures and of Russia and the foreign non-profit sector will convene in the State Duma to discuss this problem and the ways to combat it, as well as study international practices to fight this evil together.

The aim of the first international conference is to establish a parliamentary dimension for international anti-drug cooperation. The so-called Moscow declaration will be adopted, that will, in fact, underlie the parliamentary dimension and the parliamentary component of international cooperation in the war on drug spread for years to come.

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